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March 31, 2021
Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) recognizes several of TRISTAR’s clients as High Tier Performers.

Last month TDI announced several of TRISTAR’s clients as High Tier Performers!


Texas mandates the Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) to assess insurance carriers' performance and health care providers biennially. The performance-based oversight (PBO) places insurance carriers and health care providers into three regulatory tiers: poor performers, average performers, and consistently high performers. The results are a cumulative measurement of these five key factors:


1) timely payment of initial temporary income benefits,

2) timely submission of initial payment data,

3) timely processing of initial medical bills,

4) timely processing of a request for reconsideration medical bills, and

5) timely submission of medical bill processing data.


For the 2020 assessment, the Texas DWC recognized TRISTAR's Texas units as High Tier Performers! 


Out of the 120 insurance carriers assessed, only 40 were rated as High Tier Performers, and TRISTAR units represent 6 of the 40 High Tier Performers that were rated. The six accounts include Richardson ISD, Fort Worth ISD, City of Dallas, City of San Antonio, City of Houston, and Deep East Texas Self Insurance Fund.  The High Tier recognition is an outstanding achievement for the teams since the audit for 2020 was especially challenging. Not only did TRISTAR not get a notification from the State on who would be audited, but TRISTAR also had to contend with the increased number of COVID-19 claims while transitioning both the technology and employees to work from home models. "We are extremely proud of our team members. During this difficult time, our team members rose and met 2020's unique challenges while not skipping a beat," mentioned Luke Stavinoha, Houston branch manager.


Our audit score reflects our staff's experience and dedication to complying with providing benefits and notices in a timely and accurate manner.  Call TRISTAR at 1.888.558.7478 to learn more about how we can help your business today.  


For more information about the Texas Department of Insurance's Performance-Based Oversight (PBO) system results visit,



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