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March 9, 2021
Welcoming Hazelrigg Claims Management Services

Arlene Hazelrigg, Hazelrigg President, started Hazelrigg Risk Management in 1987, and after a very successful run, sold the company in 2007. After a brief hiatus, she returned to the industry in 2013 and started Hazelrigg Claims Management Services (HCMS).  HCMS operates out of two offices, one in Chino Hills, serving Southern California, and another in Oakland, serving Northern California. 


HCMS clients consist of school districts, joint power authorities, and large commercial accounts.  Notable clients include Pasadena Unified School District,  MERGE JPA in the San Gabriel Valley, Southern California Risk Management JPA, and Oakland Unified School District. 


Hazelrigg's legacy is similar to TRISTAR; both companies started in California during the 80s and have operated as friendly competitors in California for the past thirty-plus years.  Fast forward to the Summer of 2020, HCMS entered into a dialog with TRISTAR to acquire its book of business. With similar ancillary services, culture, and commitment to quality claims management services, the partnership with TRISTAR was a natural fit, and HCMS officially joins TRISTAR on January 1, 2021. 


The addition of the HCMS book of business strengthens the liability sector of TRISTAR’s existing business and expands our market share and footprint within the State of California. 


"Hazelrigg’s name recognition reaches all the way into San Bernardino, Apple Valley, and Barstow.  We foresee a lot of opportunity for growth in the Inland Empire as people migrate inland for more affordable housing," said Dan Madrigal, Hazelrigg CFO.     


"We are excited to have the Hazelrigg team join our firm.  A leader in the public agency and private sector markets, they will significantly strengthen both our worker’s compensation and liability practices in California.  While working together on managed care programs over the past few years, it became clear to both companies that we shared a similar culture and desire to focus on the long-term success of our staff and our clients," said Tom Veale, TRISTAR President.


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