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March 26, 2020
Working From Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis?

As the U.S. government declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19, companies are enabling work-from-home scenarios to keep business running and help employees follow social distancing guidelines.  While moving work from an office environment to telecommuting is an essential step in reducing the pandemic’s impact, the adjustments for those who have not telecommuted before can be stressful.  This is especially true since many home spaces are not ergonomically friendly and can lead to injury risk.


Aspen Risk Management, a TRISTAR company, offers ERGOhealthy services to stop ergonomic injuries and improve productivity.  Our ergonomics methodology reduces risk and discomfort, increases productivity drivers, and improves the efficiencies in managing musculoskeletal strains and sprains.  The methodology provides employers a means to identify, measure, and correct factors that put employees at risk of injury and impede their performance.


In our studies to date, ERGOhealthy substantially reduced employees’ complaints of “constant” discomfort after 90 days of completing our assessment:


  • 5% gain in productivity

  • 73% reduction in calls for ergonomic evaluations

  • 62% reduction in reported discomfort

  • 39% reduction in claims for ergonomic work-related injuries


ERGOhealthy Services:


1. Remote Ergonomic Assessment for Work-at-Home Employees


Working from home, especially for those who suddenly transition to a “home office” (couch, bed, kitchen table, garage, old office desk, etc.) may need some ergonomic and safety guidance.  We use a common-sense approach in these circumstances. Combined with this real-world understanding, our ERGOhealthy Coaches use logic combined with best practices for each person’s situation.  The remote ergonomic assessment includes:


  • One-on-one coaching.

  • Customized detailed report with easy-to-implement recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

  • Relevant ergonomics education and information on how to properly adjust and effectively work with existing equipment and the environment.

  • Holistic ergonomics information on the relationship between personal and professional ergonomic activities.

  • Practical techniques to minimize physical stresses and associated discomfort.

  • Simple but effective exercises that prevent and minimize discomfort and ergonomic problems.

  • Resources and downloadable materials.

  • Six months of ongoing ergonomics coaching and guidance.


2. ERGOhealthy Resource Center for all Employees (Flat fee per month.  Month to month, no minimum timeframe)


The ERGOhealthy Resource Center is a comprehensive information and coaching web platform.  Providing vetted information and staffed by experienced ergonomic professionals, the Resource Center provides employees with information on setting up their home or office workstations, fixing problems, and having an ERGOhealthy coach available to them.  The web platform is is password protected.  Visit for a demo today!


3. Ergonomic Webinar for Work-at-Home Employees (can be privately branded for employers)


Is working from home new for your employees? Our ERGOhealthy coaches offer online webinars to help employees learn the basics of ergonomics and safety for in-home remote work. 


For more information, download our 5 Quick Steps to Set up Your Workstation at  To learn more, contact us at or give us a call at 619-294-9863.


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