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September 27, 2019
An Overview of TRISTAR Absence Management

Every Oscar worthy movie has a great supporting cast, every moving soloist concert is accompanied by an on-beat and perfectly tuned orchestra and every successful HR department has a TPA that smoothly integrates and acts as an extension of their services. At TRISTAR our designated, cross-disciplined unit consists of disability claim and leave specialists who understand YOUR culture and make sure YOUR employees understand YOUR absence policies. As an extension of your team, we ensure that the Leave of Absence and Claims Administration process is consistent with your company’s policies and in compliance with all applicable federal and state leave law. When employees go on leave, you can rest assured that your company and your employees are in good hands.




  • Self-Insured Short Term & Long-Term Disability Claims Administration
  • Self-Insured State Disability Administration for California
  • Employer Sponsored Leaves
  • Federal and State Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)




We don’t take the promise of being your “extended” team lightly. A major difference from our competitors: all our specialists are designated.


From the start of each engagement, your dedicated TRISTAR team will spend time getting to know your company’s culture, policies, limitations, and needs. While other TPAs have a general hotline, your TRISTAR dedicated unit will serve as your single point-of-contact to coordinate all aspects of leave. This model helps simplify the leave process and streamline communication. This onboarding process is TRISTAR’s commitment to offer unparalleled service that meets and exceeds your expectations and definition of quality.


We take the concierge approach for our Program management. Just like your in-house HR team, your TRISTAR dedicated team will also spend the time to coach and guide employees through any type of absence and health management services. We believe this one-on-one handheld approach will help reassure your employees and help them cope with stressful leave events.


Reports and notifications are all automated and electronically transmitted to the employer (HR, Payroll, Supervisor, and other employer-designated parties). In addition, all necessary claim forms customized with your company’s branding and language are combined into one package and sent to the employee. We keep all parties informed by documenting all communications, reduce administrative burdens, and limit exposure to legal risks for the employer. In addition, employers and employees can access our full-access self-service portal increasing transparency.


To find out how our absence management team can help your benefits program call us today at 888.558.7478.


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