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January 8, 2015
Working on TRISTAR RMIS system
TRISTAR® Client Portal - Powerful analytics, when and where you need it
TRISTAR Insurance Group

We live in an information age, one that requires relevancy, accessibility, and convenience.  At TRISTAR® we understand that meeting the information demands made on you not only contributes to the success of your organization, but also facilitates higher productivity for you and your team.


That’s why when we designed the Client Portal – TRISTAR’s Risk Management Information System (RMIS) - our goal was to deliver important data in an easy, intuitive format for those who need to identify and manage risk.   A tool that helps you make better informed decisions and respond to the pressures of your critical role anytime, anywhere.


Our Client Portal includes the following features:


  • At-a-glance critical data through interactive graphics
  • Easy data drill down and formatting
  • Set goals against industry benchmarks with best practice tips
  • Calendar tool for trials, hearings and mediations
  • Over 80 easy to use standard report templates
  • Customizable ad-hoc report generation
  • Full data downloads
  • Access to detailed claim Inquiry, complete financials, notes and imaged documents


Our newly designed Client Portal is now available for our clients.  For more information please call 888.558.7478 or email us at


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