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December 20, 2023
Elevating Efficiency and Embracing Innovation

We're thrilled to announce a pivotal moment in our transformative journey as TRISTAR strategically phases out CSTAR and iSTAR, signaling a commitment to heightening efficiency and productivity in both internal operations and external client experiences.


Under the meticulous orchestration of Linda Naif, SVP Chief Information Officer, the gradual elimination of CSTAR and iSTAR unfolds in January and February 2023, paving the way for TRISTAR to achieve 100% utilization of iCAST for workers' compensation—a significant milestone—with liability completing by the end of Q1 2024.


Our focus shifts to a significant operational upgrade in the future. The IT team, led by Linda and Avinash Tilak, VP and Chief Technical Officer, is gearing up to integrate innovative features that reshape the claims management landscape. Among these innovations is the anticipated launch of NotePad 2.0 in the first quarter, streamlining workflows and eliminating the need for examiners to juggle between email and the claims system. New email features facilitate seamless communication within the claims management system, ensuring effective collaboration with stakeholders.


Efficiency remains at the forefront as our system handles email communications and attachments, ensuring secure and organized processes. Linda emphasizes, "Examiners can now send, receive, and archive emails directly within the system, minimizing reliance on external email accounts." This enhancement eliminates tedious tasks and errors. The ability to connect communications in NotePad 2.0 is a game-changer, offering concise overviews, enhancing transparency, and making legacy information easily digestible. This feature ensures a smooth transition in managing claims, maintaining efficiency, clarity, and easy access to historical data.


TRISTAR envisions this upgrade as a transformative tool, enhancing technological capabilities and client/examiner experiences. The completion of transitioning CSTAR and iSTAR to iCAST, coupled with innovative NotePad 2.0, reflects our dedication to providing a seamless claims management solution.


TRISTAR anticipates a positive response from team members and clients as we enhance collaboration, improve accuracy, and elevate the overall claims management experience. With our steadfast focus on development and continuous improvement, exciting advancements are on the horizon. Stay tuned for updates as TRISTAR continues redefining the claims management landscape in the coming months.


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